A few years ago, I connected with a childhood friend from grade school who introduced me to an incredible company called USANA Health Sciences. I was automatically impressed with the science behind the nutritionals and decided to try them for myself.

Shortly after, I created a healthy habit of taking them and soon realized that my health and energy had improved. My curiosity grew for more information on what my friend referred to as the” business side” of USANA. I sat down with my friend and listened as he explained to me that I could earn a secondary income simply by taking the products and sharing information about them with those around me. The true testament for me was when my wife also began to feel the difference and began making healthy habits of her own while incorporating USANA nutritionals. The decision to become an Independent distributor was easy. I believed in the product and wanted to share it with everyone. The main reason for partnering with USANA was to challenge myself to be a better advocate for a healthy lifestyle and to hopefully help others take control of their lives through healthy living.

The nutritional side of USANA speaks for itself and will continue to lead the way in the Health and Wellness industry. While the business side is not always easy, it continues to be a focus for me personally. I trust the structure and the financial leverage opportunities that USANA provides. My leadership team is committed to working together to achieve health, educating others while finding that financial freedom we all dream of. True Health and True Wealth!

This team oriented approach allows people with no experience in business, like me, to learn and progress at any rate. It also gives team members the support they need to be successful. Please contact me to start to create healthy habits of your own or to answer any questions you may have!

Usana Health Sciences - Nutritionals You Can Trust